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RFID - Developing H/W and S/W for a performer positoning system

Wifi and 4G - Providing next gen development study and apps engineering support for Intel's Transcede processors


A telecommunications centric technology company, Rutland Technologies focuses on providing applications engineering, software development and project management, services. Founded in 2014, the company comprises experienced telecommuncations industry professionals able to provide entire product life-cycle support.

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June 15 - Wireless. New project started to develop 'next-gen' Wi-Fi technologies using Intel Transcede processors

March 15 - RFID devices and XMOS processors power Rut-Tech performer positoning system. Exciting developments in the world of RFID. Rutland Technologies is working with France based Chene Technologies to develop a performer positioning system to be used in theatre, hotel and adventure sports applications

November 14 - Company goes live